Tell me about the Singer brothers

I am interested in buying a Singer instructional DVD.

Does anyone here have any info on them? Are they accomplished fighters?

What is the scoop on them?

The Singer bros are cool as hell, great coaches and train excellent fighters. You can't go wrong with their products. My recommendation is their new "Clinchin 2" DVD.

Try for more info (including Rory Singer's Blog) and the SBGi & JKD forums here in the General Forums section. They're always lurking there.

Thanks brah! I'll give it a look.

Haven't met them yet. But from what everyone has told me, they are a great bunch of guys and run a tight gym.

I have trained a lot with them and with Forrest at the hardcore gym in athens. I can do nothing but sing their praises. Adam is not a fighter, he is the coach. He is the best guy in the gym but he dedicates his time to getting his guys ready. Rory is an excellant NHB fighter and is on a great win streak. I feel he is about to make some huge waves and is on the fast track to the big show. He has great standup and clinch work along with very good jitz. Forrest is right along side Rory in terms of skills and is an amazing athlete to boot. He was a contestent on the UFC reality show and while I dont know the results, I think he has to be one of the favorites to win the whole thing. Combined they make one of the greatest forces in the southern usa. Anything these guys put their name on will be worth it.

Thank you my friends Blake and Charles. I am blushing.LOL Charles is the man.


Charles is correct.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you both Charles and Blake. I got goosebumps reading that. Either that or my office still hasn't heated up yet.

Can't wait for you to get down here Charles. We are going to have a blast training and hanging out. Speak with you later bro.


Honestly though, what you both had to say was really great. Thank you.

they are some of my best friends and im buying that dvd, i bought the first one and it gave tons of info that i needed to work on in the clinch

they are great coaches, fighters and friends, i can wait to see them in March!

plus the production on the dvd looks great.

No doubt Fernando. Just a few more months bro!

plus adam is pound for pound the best hotel lobby boxer ever!

Whoa, I didn't know Rory fought Matsui. How did that fight play out?


I took the fight on 8 days notice. I honestly beat him up pretty good throughout the two, five minute rounds. He bled on me a lot in the beginning of the first round. I did a very good job of striking from the bottom guard. Tried a few sub attempts. I got hit with a b.s. yellow card and got taken down a few times. Most people whom have seen the fight said I won. But when you fight "the champ" you have to k.o him. I was a little too hesitant with my hands and never truly let them go. I have since gotten over that.

It was a great experience and Matsui came back to my dressing room later with a translator and praised me. It was very humbling. He is a great person.

Gator Man is correct about the dancing (LOL) and little old ladies are HOT!!!

The Singers Rock! ! ! !

I would bet on Forrest to win the show, but, don't want to jinx him.

Adam and Rory are the best!!!!

Great fighters, great coaches, great people, great friends.


I've always heard Rory did a great job in the Matusi fight. I'm also a member of Rory's bandwagon.

With that being said, wasn't Rory brought in ( hugely underestimated) as a local US fighter for Matsui to beat?


slaps: the needed a last minute opponent for matsui. Rory accepted the fight.