Tell me about the ThunderBolts

I remember a few years ago this book had a lot critical acclaim. Is it still around? Looks like from the previews of Civil War they join Ironman's side.

i haven't read and been meaning to catch up on this cos it sounds cool

there's spoilers from the overall book that i know

begin spoiler

the thunderbolts masquerade as new heroes, but are really villains, but they have a change of heart and start doing good.

end spoiler

Thunderbolts are rumored to play a big role in Civil War,'s they're big chance to go legit...unfortunately that may mean tracking down rogue heros.

nice spoiler warning DD73 :-)

The closest thing to good old 70's comics being printed today. If that was an era that you enjoyed then Thunderbolts is the title for you.

I enjoy it immensely, and I used to think that Nieceza was a hack. Second, Third , Fourth string characters and lots of action.

Nieceza writes it? I like Cable & Deadpool.

I heard they have superpowers

Didn't they make their debut in the Hulk several years back? I think I remember him fu$king them up pretty good......