Tell me about...the U.S. Open

2 or 3 of my judo teammates (or I should say class members since I pale so badly in comparison to them) are competing in the U.S. Open in Miami, Fl in October. I am strongly considering making a road trip out there to videotape their matches, support them, and see an international tournament. Has anyone have any suggestions about the tournament or Miami?

It's a good chance to see an international Senior event in the USA.

I've never been to the one in Florida, only CO Springs and Vegas.


what do u want to know???? I went there last year and fought but it seemed a little smaller than it used to be.

Thanks Ben!

JuDOk@ - I guess whether it would be worth it to go to just see a ton of matches is I guess what I'm considering.

FB, it's never been a huge tournament. I used to go back in the 80's, sometimes with my coach, who was a -95 kg elite athlete, sometimes to to fight once I got enough experience. It WAS bigger back then to the best of my recollection, though.

I'd go if I could afford the time and money, for sure.



u will see some good action but it might not be worth 300-500 dollars for me to watch it honestly.

thanks for the input guys I really appreciate it. I am trying to save cost by driving down with a friend and possibly staying at a friend's place in Miami. Also I'd like to do a private with Liborio at American Top Team so if I could do all that it might be worth it. Thanks again,
- FB

Last year the US Open was available via webcast for $9.95 at

mmmmmmmmm. $9.95? That may change things bro.

i would wait and go to watch it next year. this year, the guys are competing for a spot at the olympic trials, but next year they will. guys will come out of the wood-work to compete.