Nazareno Malegarie 18-2 145LBS 5-8

Erick Silva couldnt make it out of the first round with him..

I have never heard of him ...can anyone educate me on him?

Is he a potential star??

07/23/2011LossMarlon SandroBellator Fighting Championships 47Decision Unanimous Decision3
06/25/2011WinJacob DevreeBellator Fighting Championships 46Submission Guillotine Choke31:25
03/19/2011LossDaniel StrausBellator Fighting Championships 37Decision Unanimous Decision3
NSF11/20/2010WinNelson VelasquesColizeu Fight Championship 11/20/10Submission Rear Naked Choke14:48
NSF06/04/2010WinAntonuce ConceicaoMemorial Fight QualifyingSubmission Guillotine Choke10:00
NSF04/10/2010WinRicardo UrbanoK.O. Fight 3TKO/RSC Referee Stoppage from Strikes22:10
NSF02/06/2010WinErick SilvaNitrix Show Fight - Show Fight 4Submission Choke14:07
NSF12/04/2009WinErikson LimaJaragua Fight Combat 12/04/09Submission Kimura12:40
NSF11/14/2009WinLuciano OliveiraNitrix - Show Fight 3Submission Heel Hook10:00
NSF10/20/2009WinAlessandro CordeiroVIP Stage 4Submission Arm Triangle Choke31:32
NSF09/19/2009WinRafael RodriguesJungle Fight 9/19/09Submission Heel Hook31:51
NSF08/15/2009WinVitor MirandaTavares Combat - QualifiersKO Strike10:54
NSF05/02/2009WinRosenildo RochaVIP Stage 3Submission Rear Naked Choke20:00
NSF01/10/2009WinJohn PaineSpartan 1KO Strike12:58
NSF12/01/2008WinWilliam WolverineBalneario Camboriu Fight 12/01/08TKO/RSC Referee Stoppage from Strikes14:34
NSF10/11/2008WinDiego MarlonWarriors Challenge 3Submission Guillotine Choke10:00
NSF10/01/2008WinPablo ViniciusDukeoom of Asgar 10/01/08TKO/RSC11:19
NSF10/01/2008WinRuan CastilDukeoom of Asgar 10/01/08Submission Keylock12:13
NSF08/11/2007WinTarcisio ImegiatoFull Fight Open Vale Tudo 08/11/07Submission Arm Triangle Choke10:36
NSF08/11/2007WinJonas RibeiroFull Fight Open Vale Tudo 08/11/07Submission Guillotine Choke10:55

That's not the same Erick Silva who is currently fighting in the UFC, if that's what you're thinking.

Yes it is dude!!!

06/08/2012TBDCharlie BrennemanUFC on FX: Johnson vs vs McCall
01/14/2012LossCarlo PraterUFC 142: Aldo vs. MendesDisqualification10:29
08/27/2011WinLuis RamosUFC 134 Silva vs. OkamiTKO/RSC10:40
NSF02/06/2010LossNazareno MalegarieNitrix Show Fight - Show Fight 4Submission Choke14:07
NSF09/19/2009WinJorge Luis BezerraJungle Fight 9/19/09Decision Unanimous Decision3
NSF09/13/2008WinIgor ChatubinhaJungle Fight 11Decision Unanimous Decision3
NSF05/31/2008WinCarlos Eduardo dos SantosJungle FightSubmission Rear Naked Choke30:00
NSF08/04/2007WinFabio IssaOpen FightDecision3
NSF12/10/2006LossMario NetoSuperfight VitoriaDecision3
NSF11/25/2006WinLeandro ZumbiMMA KombatesSubmission10:00
NSF08/13/2006WinHenrique LangoGuarafight 3Submission Rear Naked Choke1
NSF01/07/2006WinJulian Fabrin SoaresGuarafight 2TKO/RSC12:30

Well, that's a turn up for the books. Now I'm a lot more interested.

Exactly ...same here..

Its killed a little of Silva's Mystique for me!

UFC's Erick Silva ->
the Erick Silva you're talking about ->

Phew. OK, that's what I thought. Someone has gotten confused somewhere on the internet.

^^^Ouch!! :-)

Ive only posted 400 comments in 2 years!

You have done 0ver 4000 in 7 months!

But if it makes you feel better my lunch break ends in 15 min!

Everybody loses, erick silva is legit, a lot can happen in terms of development over two years. Anderson lost to chonan and two years later was uppercut-elbowing tony frykland and destroying some of the best talent in the ufc and the rest is history. I don't look in to a fighters record too much, base a fighter on what you see in front of you right now. I dont think erick silva has any particular mystique about him he's just very good at what he does Phone Post

Ive posted the records i have copied from this site??

Im not taking anything away from Silva I agree with you Brabo .....But im excited to find out about this 145lbr ....Could be the next Aldo

 No offense to Kirik or Chris, but do yourself a favor and use Sherdog Fight Finder when looking at records.

They are completely different Erick Silvas, the one in the UFC never fought Nazareno Malegarie