tell me about torrent clients

which one is the best? What do you guys use?

I use Azureus

I use ĀµTorrent. It's a small application, doesn't take up too much memory, great download speeds.

Bitcomet I found easier around my router




Azureus is a Java app that eats processor horribly, bitcomet was cool until it got banned by many trackers (fixed now but still carries the stigma)

uTorrent easily.  can work off a pen drive.

I suppose if i was running a 486 I might care. LOL! Have you really noticed slowdown from azureus? I've been on the web burning a DVD and downloading on a p4 2.6 with less than a gig of ram and no lag.....

i havent noticed any slowdown at all. it does take up RAM, but nothing that degrades performance at all...

Are you guys concerned with getting busted d/l content?? I am a newbie to p2p just trying to get info.

it really depends on where you are getting the torrent files from, what they are named, etc.

1) stick with private trackers.

2) see 1

got it.

Do it an deny it. There are too many loopholes for the RIAA/MPAA to point you with absolute certainty. There's a track record of them charging grandmothers who have no computers, computers that are infected with RATs, or open Wi-Fi, so it would get dismissed in court.

If you challenge them with a lawyer, they'll dismiss it because they don't want to risk losing in court.