Tell me about UFC in Vegas vs other cities

I have been to the UFC in Columbus, but I always figure the Vegas UFC's have to be awesome. I know a lot depends on the card but I bet their is something special about seeing it in it's "home" base. Has anyone been to a Vegas one and another city? If so, was it different?

 Portland was LOUD as fuck, and seemed to have a lot more people than the MGM in vegas,

there was also a lot more "bros" in vegas.

Big fight atmosphere in Vegas is great, but as a general rule, fans in other cities who don't see UFC as often are more excited for it.

Vegas crowd is a lot more late arriving. At UFC 125, the arena was probably 25% full when McKee & Volkmann walked out to kick off the show. That's not the case in most other places.

But you get a hugely anticipated fight, like Carwin-Lesnar for instance, and the Vegas atmosphere is awesome.

I've been to three fights outside of Vegas, 104 @ staples was loud as fuck for Cain Velasquez, 126 is going to be my first Vegas card, the card is sick. Phone Post

^ Awesome! I so wish I could see a show in Vegas!

UFC 126 will be my 4th event in Vegas (I live in San Diego so travel costs are negligible allowing me to have the $ to buy tickets).

The atmosphere for the fights in Vegas is unreal and unmatched in any other city. My favorite moment was at UFC 94 and BJ Penn's music hit.

The boos for anderson silva @ 101 in philly was pretty wild too. Phone Post

"Vegas is unreal and unmatched in any other city"- Franky .... I would hate to argue that the events in Montreal could rival / surpass anything in Vegas. Plus have you ever been to a Montreal Strip Club? Honestly that's an afterparty. Phone Post

Went to UFC 97 in Anaheim (I think it was UFC 97) Forrest vs Tito 1 and it was cool to be apart of the whole UFC "experience" but as for actually being able to see the fight it sucked. The Honda Center is too big. I went to UFC 114 in Vegas last spring at the MGM and it was way better. The seats were good, the atmosphere was awesome. 95% of the peeps there are on vacation so everyone was in a good mood and the energy was off the charts. It was 1000 times better then Anaheim. I would def recommend going to a fight in Vegas. MGM Grand is really good venue. Russow KOing Duffee was pretty amazing live.