Tell me about Vector Marketing

I have been left quite a few voice mails from this company regarding working for them. I am being told to stay away (which I am doing) and they keep telling me I will start off at $18 an hour. Is this another company similar to Primerica?

So I am a knife salesman? No thanks I got a decent job.

My little bro did it for his first job in the late 90's. He did alright and it was a good intro to sales for him. There are better companies though. The knives are junk, for the price there is a lot better stuff available. Ask any chef.

While most of these people speak from hersey I will give you an honest opinion from experience.

I worked for Vector for 4 years during college. The experience can be either really bad or really amazing. I know from all aspects as I went from Sales rep, to an assistant manager, to a sales manager.

Excellent Money (Made like 40k in 4 summers)
Great people
Great work experience (if you are in college. I got accepted into a national training program for a fortune 100 company that accepts 7 students a year. I had a 3.2 they required a 3.5 The first thing the COO said to me during my interview was "You have the lowest GPA of anyone I have ever interviewed" It was definatly my experience.)

Requires a LOT of work to be good at.
Will eat away your summer free time.
Need a high tolerance for the ups and downs of sales.
Need to understand you are a SALES MEN/WOMAN and they expect you to sell.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info Ron.

Is this job just for students? I just got out of college and I started my career.

Thanks. Im definately staying away.

"I am being told to stay away (which I am doing) and they keep telling me I will start off at $18 an hour."

It is NOT 18 an's 18 an APPOINTMENT. REREAD it carefully...18 an if u have only 1 appointment in 1 the math. Vector is a bull shit company...u have to PAY THEM to get the kniveS to

i got hired by cutco for a couple hours. when i walked in to see that they hired the kid with a green mohawk too, i walked out of the sales demo.

google cutco or vector marketing scam.

Jesus christ you guys are retarded. Steve you can email me if you have any questions ( but to answer you second question...

No I would not recommend an entry level sales position with them post graduation. It is very much a student opportunity until you are ready to open an office yourself.

I worked there years get what you put in. I was coming from a 40 hour a week job that was making it tough to concentrate on school, and selling for them was cool for me. I only worked when I needed the $ and it was an easy sell for me. I mean, the shit is expensive, but I have always been good at selling so it was no big deal.

I was on the phone setting up appointments for like an hour a week, and I'd only go on like 4-5 appointments per week and I was making like $250 a week. I could have set more appointments and made a ton more, but I didn't need the $ at the if you do the math, I was making like $50 an hour, but I just never wanted to work and was ok with the $250.

The longer you work there, the more you make on each sale. A kid that was working there was there for like a year and he was making 50% off each sale. He sold a set that was 2k and make a grand off it...he took like 15 appointments a week and was making between 1500-2k a week consistently.

Bottom line is you write your own paycheck...if you put in a bunch of time, you can make good $...if you slack, you won't make shit.

Oh man!

To clear up some of the hersey and ignorant inaccuracies of some of the posters:

  1. You put a refundable deposit down on the kit (was $147) which is about 1/3 of the total cost. As an office manager we did not make profit from these. The challenge with giving them away for free (which when I exited the company was in testing) was people just not returning them.

  2. You do not lie during the demonstration about the products. That is the most asinine ati-Vector comment I have ever heard. If you lied during your demos that is your own personal character flaw and has nothing to do with Vector.

  3. The products are designed for HOME use. That is why if you ask professional chefs who cook 6 hours a day every day if they use them they will say no. I challenge you to find an unsatisfied personal customer. (IIRC I had about 300ish customers. About 1/2 were previous owners. Of those 150 (approx) maybe like 5 had complaints.)

  4. In terms of managers convincing students to sell things they "know they will fail at" that is absurd. When you enter management in Vector you STILL earn a comission (just like any other SALES business). All the managers were successful reps so this theory has no basis what so ever.

$15 an APPOINTMENT not $15 an HOUR!!!

I must have misheard the rep that talked to me about the $18 an hour. My fault.

That's how they LURE u in to their interviews...$18 an appointment looks like $18 an hour!

Well I politely told them I am not interested and that I am currently happy with my new job. They were very polite and understanding with me but I decided this is something I do not want to pursue.


I am not full of it and I understand you are just talking out of your ass so I will do my best to provide you with a clear, non aggressive answer.

  1. There is a free, lifetime sharpening. "This is fact". The only thing the customer gets charged is the return shipping. The service itself is free. This is stated in the reps training manuel and the book that they present with. It is written, in plain english, for everyone to see and read.

I am sorry if you were confused but free service is not free shipping. The return shipping on a full set of knives is ~$50 and rightfully so CUTCO can't foot the bill on everyones shipping.

  1. I can't give you a blanket answer on why you were not told there are no leads provided up front. This is because it is a manager's responsibility. I can only speak from personal experience and say that I have never worked with a manager or ran an interview myself where we left out the part about how we do not provide leads and it is up to the rep.

I am sorry you had a poor experience but do not blame your lack of ability to sell things on "Why people hate MLM". Vector is not an MLM company it is a sales company. I have provided a link to a definition of MLM.

In Vector you are not required to recruit anyone as a sales rep, hence it is not MLM.

I do not work for Vector nor am I some crazed fan of it I am just making a point that you are making rediculous claims with little to no fact to back up your concepts.

My friend really wants to get involved but I really don't know what to tell her.

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