tell me about VIZIO tvs? good flat screen?

was walking around sam's yesterday and saw some flat screens-like 40"+ going for less than $700 and wondering if VIZIO is any good?

i know nothing about flatscreen and was thinking about getting one?

any hgers have one or can you recommend one around that price point?


was it LCD or plasma and was it 1080p or 720p

i don't think vizio makes plasma anymore (could be wrong though).

i have a vizio. It's decent. Not as good as a Samsung, sony or LG, but it's good enough especially for the price.

And you only see the difference when they are side by side.

I was going to buy a Vizio but I found a Samsung that was less then $200 more and opted for the samsung because a buddy of mine who bought a vizio told me to just get the Samsung no regrets here

you can't beat vizios prices though

is this so we can all come over to eat acai and watch UFC at your house?


I think Costco magazine did a feature on Vizio. If Costco carries it, I'm sure it's decent. We still have the old school tv at our house. I'm jealous.

I picked one up for my folks from Costco back when the 1080p first came out. I read reviews about it and one review actually compared it to the Sharp Aquos so I decided it to give it try.

Picked it up, hooked a HD box and they were stoked. The picture was cherry but the TV started to crap out about a week later. It would have like a green haze on the screen. So they contacted Costco, had to do minor stuff, and they got a replacement TV quick. The replacement has been going strong ever since and the picture quality is killah imo.

So for bang for your buck, quality picture, and good customer service I would mos def get one from Costco. Esp if you catch one of those $100-$200 off coupons.

good info! btw, i'm too lazy to figure out what nc808 is talking about. keep it simpler fellaz. :)

The higher the number (in pixels), the better the picture quality.

1080p is the new high end HD display. 720p was last generation.

Samsung has, arguably, the best picture right now for LCD. Can't top Vizio's prices, though.(Like NC808 mentioned)

i got a 47" from costco and that thing works great, best bang for your buck tv

HD and/or bluray = no can defen

And Costco truly does have the best customer service policies.

IMO Samsungs are the best LCD's. Make sure you get the series 6 or above, those have 120Hz and make action scenes really crisp.

I bought a series 6 last Christmas (present for myself) and paid a little more than the Toshiba's, Panasonic's, Vizio's, etc. but it was well worth it. The Samsung's are cheaper than the Sonys but IMO much better!

Gotta get a blu-ray player too, or just get a PS3.

get PS3.

can play games, get interwebs (pron on the big screen = WIN), do the "D/L movie to computer, then to Ipod then play on PS3" thing I talked about AND play Blu Ray.



i suppose i need to upgrade my cable too?

You should check, depending on the subscription level you have you may get free HD programming.

Oh yeah, you're gonna get haped on the video cables - it'll be worth it though.

order your cables online. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY. horrendous markups at most local places.

you can compare prices online.

though i cannot comment on other sizes, do not buy 32". bought for my store from Sears and had nothing but problems. after couple months whites had pinkish hue. like watching tv on acid trip. repair guy came and changed mother board with repair bill more than tv..lucky warranty covered. months later same problem. keep in mind tv mounted in store and only i could take down and put up because repair guy and company cannot touch-liability. pack up n send back to visio.. no tv for couple weeks...refurbished sent back. same problem. now on new diffirent tv. no problems for now. luckily bought sylvania and visio on each side of store... sylvania no probs..beware

thank you for the info!

Go to Costco. It's probably the best bet if you run into problems. Husband recommends you buy the largest size before the huge increase in price. ie if the price difference between 32" to 42" isn't that big but then it jumps a lot of $$ to teh 46" get the 42".

Bought a LCD for the in laws for xmas a few years back. They had some visual problems as well. The manufacture (I can't remember who) sent them a flash drive and talked them through installing a the missing program and their tv was no problem. We bought ours at Costco with a coupon.