tell me about VIZIO tvs? good flat screen?

I got a damn tube that will probably last forever.

Like my 32" LCD in my bedroom though.

I had a 55' LCD Sony that I got in 2004. It burned out a month ago so I got a Vizio. The HD is way better on the Vizio. Got the same size (55) for half as much from Costco as I got my Sony back in the day.

Whatever you decide, make sure it's a 1080i LCD TV. But yeah, no problems with my Vizio so far.

the 1080i is outdated, 1080p is the way to go.

FCTV808 - interesting.

i suppose i need to upgrade my cable too?

If you upgrade through Oceanic, they give you the component cables for your HD box hook up.

But if you want the "best HD" picture you gotta buy/use HDMI cables. Those can get pretty pricey, but I read they're pretty much all the same no matter the package says, so buy the cheapest one you can find.

TheAlchemist - order your cables online. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY. horrendous markups at most local places.

you can compare prices online.

Yep, horrible EVERYWHERE.

what about the direct or dish stuff?

under 50" 720p vs 1080p doesnt make that big of a difference. best to go see for yourself. dont take anyones word about picture quality, go look and see what you like the best. i wouldnt go cheap brand on a tv without doing some research.

so far so good. we bought a 54" vizio top end model from sears a year ago for our break room at work and for the price you cannot beat.

That is a huge break TV.