Tell me about Wilfredo Gomez

44-3-1, he fought Azumah Nelson back in the day. that's all i know about him. Someone please educate me

and how could he have done that?

he lost to my favorite fighter of that era Slavador Sanchez in a big fight

He was Manny Pacquiao with a granite chin and awesome stamina.

If you follow boxing in the UK, you might know the name Michael Gomez-- he's really Michael Armstrong (born in Dublin, fights out of Manchester) but took the name "Gomez" in honor of Wilfredo.


i just saw a special on him on hbo latino, unfortunately i don't speak spanish but i understand some. it seems gomez has some nerological problems now as they had his nerologist on and he was saying somthing to the effect that wilfredo suffers from memory loss and slurred speach which was evident by the way he sounded when he was being interviewed. he also got very much into religion following an arrest (i could not understand for what)and is training his young son wilfredo jr who looks to be about 12

He had an amazing title run. And his fight with Lupe Pintor is just awesome....14 rounds of two little guys going to WAR.

Tomato cans? Check the records of Zarate , Pintor, and Meza, they are far from tomato cans.The guy could take a punch and sadly that is why he is fucked up today.

I think it is WIlfredo Benitez that is fucked up
As far as I heard Gomez is fine

Unfortunately they are both fucked up. Benitez more so,but Gomez is too. He has some neurological damage and his vocal cords are messed up too(from being hit in the throat).

yes benitez is worse he has to be cared for 24/7 like a child, i think he lives in some sort of convelessant home. but from what i've read/heard he never was that "mentally sound" anyway, as far as gomez i'm going to have a friend of mine translate the segment with the doctor i'll post it tomorrow or the next but ilene is probably correct because not only did he sound slurred but his voice is very horse and low, he sounds like a guy in his 70's not like a guy in his mid 40's