Tell me about WoW / ALMs

Ok, so I just got Guild Wars for xmas from my brother and made a thread asking about the game.

Now I'm discovering that there is an entire legion of OGers that play World of Warcraft and have a guild called ALMs.

I know nothing about WoW. Nothing. Never played it, never even looked at it at the store.

Should I join? Is it too late since you guys are all high level? How many OGers are in the ALMs guild?

I'll wait here for your response, thx. Oh, and if you troll me, "go fuck yourself then".

or Join the Evil Bastids. We are ALOT smaller but treat our members with respect and help them out. We are right now in a state of war with the ALM and find their very existance repulsive. Join the Gnomish Jihad today. If u make a gnome character and get him to 40 the Evil Bastids will buy you your first mount :)

We take care of our own...thats our slogan! plus FREE MOUNT @ 40 guarantee

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