tell me about xbmc

where can I download it and what functionality does it have. thanx.

go to #xbins on EFNet (IRC).

OR get a newsreader client that can download binaries and download it off of or on Usenet

Probably doubles the useful value of your box. Will play Ogg/Xvid/Divx/Avi/WMV/VCD/SVCD/MPEG-1/2/MP3. Can play web radio from Shoutcast MP3 streams. Plays movie trailers from the Apple Quicktime site. Will play any media file located on any shared directory on your network - can be used as a streaming media player. Will do photo slideshows. Serves as a front end for Xlink Kai free multiplayer engine. Serves as a replacement dashboard to launch all your programs from. Will also play CD+G karoke discs. And more.

just go to the xbmc site and do some reading.

can you suggest a newsreader client - i am not familiar with it.

Forte Agent (get a keygen by searching on the net) or Newsbin Pro

Your ISP should have info on how to set up newsgroups (server info etc.) in their online help or FAQ.

To search Usenet/newsgroup posts go to or

ok, I was able to get a couple different downloads through bittorrent. Once I have the xbmc files do I just ftp them to my xbox in a xbmc directory that I created or do I just move them into the main directory on my xbox. does anyone have any good links on how to set this puppy up?

nevermind, I gots directions.