Tell me about your coolest present

Hey UG...I am interested in all the cool things you guys might have given or gotten for Christmas. So here is your chance to brag or laugh at your presents.

My coolest thing was from my youngest daughter (Who is an artist) she did me an excellent painting of my dog. It's fantastic.

What about you guys?

better than the tito romoshop of your dog?

Oh yeah...She does professional quality's a perfect painting of my dog...:)...

Cash is nice to :)

Nice!...Kinda strange as far as Christmas presents go...And was probably a bitch to wrap...But congrats Tait...:)

Sheesh...Anal bleech and everything...Now that's a quality woman right there!...


For a man who benches 800 lbs and packs 13 inches (wide), I'm surprised you didn't kill Denise just by trying.

Evilmaster, can you post a pic?


Not yet Jump Kick...I don't have a camera here, I will be putting it up on my myspace once I do, for the whole world to admire my pooch :)

I got hooked up with a Nano, I am so stoked. No more bullshit R and B at the gym for me. Merry Christmas playas.

Coolest Gifts:

Most meaningful was the gift from my 5 year old daughter. She is in her first year of school and they have a little store set up so the kids can do Christmas shopping. She was SO excited to do this. She bought me a little keychain game. This was the coolest because it meant so much to her and she put thought into it.

Other Gift:

I play guitar in a band and got a LINE 6 Delay Modulator pedal. VERY nice pedal...

Nice BJJnews...:)...Was that the first gift she has bought you by herself?...Did she wrap it herself?

Nice pedal btw...

Evil: Yes that was the first gift she has bought herself and yes she wrapped it too. It was awesome and I knew she would be excited about opening her gifts but she was even more excited to see me open what she got for me.

Nice...Did you get the glue and little paints to go with it Cretard?..

^ Witty. 007 Witty

LOL @ EvilMaster!


Hey Sac...What did you get?

I got laid by 2 different ladies on Christmas Eve, a big bucket of caramel corn, money that I'm going to use to indulge in a choice golden age comic book on Ebay, and two pairs of jeans. Not a bad Christmas at all! ...oh, and a bag of oranges!


my coolest present was a movado that my girlfriend bought me

my dads girlfriend wrapped me a bunch of groceries. Frosted flakes,bandaids,rice krispy sqaures, kleenex.. not even kidding

lol @ drano