Tell me about your coolest teachers...

I had a few during high school that were just amazing at teaching and you could tell they loved their jobs

My English teacher was an old lady who seemed like a burnout recluse but once you talked with her you understood creative the woman was

Had another who was the gym teacher and also the science teacher

Also knew a douche motherfucker who said I was musically illiterate because I listened to Jay z and nas...

His face band was Metallica fuck him Phone Post 3.0

I never had any cools ones. Most of them seemed a lil retarded. I def didnt have any attractive teachers. They were all old.

Mr. Bahn taught me my love for books. Mr. Roxby taught me to stop being a ignorant shit and start studying. Phone Post

Had a long term substitute that taught us how to make jello shots in chemistry class Phone Post 3.0

And thanks ms. Derousi for being hot and teaching me to enjoy reading Phone Post 3.0

In for later Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully one of those idiot fucks who turned in their sexy teachers who would fuck them shows up. Phone Post 3.0