Tell me. Could Cain make 205?

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MMAfan55 - Hes only 6'1 around 240lbs.

He has some flab on him.

If he could cut down to like 215-220 he could for sure make weight at 205.


You do realize that a big 205er is 230 when you're actually watching them fight. No need to get anywhere close to 215 as a walking weight. 240 is actually the helthy walking around weight for many 205ers.

The small heavies like Fedor, Randy and Cain fight HW because they CAN, and have won at the highest levels.
Little confused here,

I would say so.

Are you saying that it is healthy for a 205 fighter to walk around at 240 and cut to 205 for the fight only to rehydrAte to 230 for the fight? Phone Post

What are you talking about? If you walk at 240 with a small spare tire, you cut down under 230 by losing fat during your training camp, then you're within shooting distance of 205 with the water cut. When you actually step in the cage, fully reydrated, you're a solid 230 again. If you think we're talking about something else, yes, you are a little confused here.

You might have a lot of food after weigh ins, but you're not gaining back 10lbs of fat in 24 hours.

tomp6581 - He was 250 at the weekend. Let's say he can cut 20lbs of blubber and be more lean. 230lbs to 205lbs isn't impossible, but his cardio might suffer considering he wouldn't be used to the cut.

Or it might be better because he's not lugging around an extra 20 lbs with every motion he makes.

What weight did he wrestle at?

Brb cutting weight to fight in a tougher division where my natural advantages will be less valuable Phone Post

I'm sure he could, but that might not be his optimal fighting weight.  My guess is that he chose to fight at HW because that's where he's comfortable.

It's possible. I don't think its a good idea. Be will be tough because as good as he is, his reach makes things hard for him. Phone Post

Cain came to my college, and someone asked him if he'd ever move down to 205. Cain laughed and said he hasn't weighed 205 since high school. Cain is staying at heavy weight.