Tell me more about Walter “Cascao” Vita

Just resently moved to a new are and I am researching some BJJ schools for myself and my two sons. I found one that seems very promising. It is a Walter “Cascao” Vital affiliate school. I did some quick research online but am looking for the UG to maybe give me insight I can't find online.
Has anyone competed with him, spent time with him, or gotten to know him in a way that could give me an understanding of his personality/persona.
Also, there is allot about his accomplishments but little about his lineage. Can any of you give me more details of where he came from?
Does anyone train at/know of other of his affiliate schools, and can you describe to me your experience with them?

Bumping once for the evening crowd.
Anyone have some insight to share?

Forgive me, His last name is Vital. I must have missed the L when I was copying.