Tell me something important about mma..


 It's a mix of stuff.


 Making and maintaining friends.

It is man versus his hardest advesary: man Phone Post

The athlete on top is winning the fight. Always.

Buttflopping doesn't work in it~

MoSubsMoProblems - Judo is probably the least effective martial art utilized.

 That is pure sillyness my friend.   I'd say Tae Kwon Do maybe in mma.

Always remember to keep your chin up and your hands down! Also if you get caught in a submission never tap, wait until the ref stops it and you have a career ending injury before you quit and get addicted to cocaine.

bjj>> judo

Johnonguitar - You need a t-shirt with some skulls omit or your gonna suck Phone Post

And tattoos lots and lots of tattoos

^say that to segal Phone Post

 lol Because Segal has done so well in mma ?

It is the, my friend, game of tigers!!

It's a fad

Pernicious - It's a fad



 Skulls are kewl

 It's no longer "discipline against discipline"

Along those lines, styles no longer make fights (not near as much as they once did)

According to blackhouse, segal has had great success in mma Phone Post

Tom O'BedsMen - 
Pernicious - It's a fad



It is. Just like color tv.