Tell me why my son should be circumcised.

Both my sons are, but if they had went thru what your boy has, they wouldn't be. Hope the trip home and subsequent first weeks go well brother Phone Post 3.0

My kids are UN.... I am.... Thier dicks are already bigger than mine.... I hate my mother Phone Post 3.0

I'm not and I won't get my son (due in Sept) circumcised, either.

Seems silly to me.

Snip it.

He will spend hours of his young teenage life googling percentages of girls who don't mind foreskin.

Save him the trouble and confidence. Phone Post 3.0

MATBATTLING SWOCK SUCKER - Circumcision might have various health benefits, including:
Easier hygiene. Circumcision makes it simpler to wash the penis. ...
Decreased risk of urinary tract infections. ...
Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections. ...
Prevention of penile problems. ...
Decreased risk of penile cancer

If your son doesn't know how to wash his peepee you are to blame.

Teach your son how to wash his peepee and he won't get an UTI.

Teach your son not to have sex with skanks and use protection. Mutilation is not the answer, nor does it make any less possible to catch STDs.

Penile cancer is incredibly rare.

SnapLocally -
TFK_Geoff G Electric - He can handle it ! Your little guy is tougher than most adults dude !! Snip it !! He'll thank you later ! Phone Post 3.0

Go mutilate your own genitalia, idiot.

What's with the idiot talk homie ? Just given my opinion like op asked for .. Phone Post 3.0

Make sure he knows how to clean his dick

if you are the least bit conflicted just put your dick alongside a jean zipper and yank that fucker up.  the decision should be a lot easier to make and if the wife is pushing for it just say you first.

Glad to here y'all are going home.

To answer your question, I don't think you should do it. Little HH has been through a lot no need to put him through more. With my son I just couldn't put him through more pain so I didn't get it done. Phone Post 3.0

Leave him alone. It's a stupid tradition that is dying out. Phone Post 3.0

HammerHead - Had he not been through all this it may be a different story. Phone Post 3.0
my son was born on the 30th. they cut him right before he got out of the nicu on July 4th. he cried for maybe 5 minutes and was fine minutes later. it's really nothing compared to what your little boy has been through. Phone Post 3.0

Unnecessary, painful operation. They don't anathesize kids for the proceedure, claiming that kids are either to young to feel pain or too young to remember.

One hundred years from now, people will be baffled about why superstitious ancient Judaic sexual mutilation was so popular among non-Jews . Phone Post 3.0

Honestly, the ONLY reason I did it was because I didn't want my sons to wonder why their penis especially looked different from mine and one another.



I would say at this point he's had enough bro.

Easy to spot who's got the ant-eaters in this thread lol Phone Post 3.0

I know 2 guys that got it done as adults. both regret doing it as they lost a lot of sensation Phone Post 3.0

I am but I did not circumcise my kids. Seems stupid to me Phone Post 3.0

If you circumcise him and he develops complications, the regret you and the mrs will feel will be dreadful. If you don't circumcise him now, he can always have it done later, nothing is lost. Phone Post 3.0

Darup - Uncut are more likely to be faggots Phone Post 3.0
Truth Phone Post 3.0

Because he's already been though too much surgery.


The benefits are great (we who are circumcised know this for a fact that the uncircumcised will never know), but he can still live a full, healthy, complete life without being circumcised

Being circumsised is weird in australia. You don't want that for your kid