Tell me your ghost story

There used to be this bar in town that was basically an old bed and breakfast that slowly got renoed into a bar.

Rumour has it the original owner died in the place and their ghost would do things around the place.

Move chairs, break bottles, etc.

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The place got torn down but they say people who own the land and have tried to rebuild have always gone broke and had to sell the land and no one has built there yet.

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There’s no such thing as ghosts.


I’ve never seen one.

Although I did see an albino once!

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They have no soul. Kinda like gingers.

Big difference.

Do ghosts have a soul?

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Ghosts are souls, you silly boy.



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Well played, Nemo. Well played.

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Ghosts must be real because half a million dead people cast votes not that long ago

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With the intensity that Americans take their political stances, it’s no wonder ghosts stick around when it comes to voting.

Ghost - “Ah! I’m dead! Goodbye cruel world!”

News - “Hey, the Democrats are losing the US presidential race!”

Ghost - “I better vote!”