Tell the OG about

The STDs you have or have had. How did you catch it? Was it worth it? Did you go back for more? How much did it cost you? Details please.

None yet

I have never had one, thankfully. 

Raw dogged some sketch Ass skanks and thankfully came out ok

The Clap

Never had any, I thought I did once. It was the scariest time, luckily I didn't but it Changed my view on things. I always laughed at people that had stds, not so much after I thought I had one. 

Damn character limit won’t let me list them all. 

I had herpes once but not anymore

Girl lived across from us Freshman year.  5'2" 100 lbs. Hippie.  I partied with ehra few times but she was always with other dudes.  SHe fucked these guys down the hall. Roommates, then on to a friend, and I caught her just when my friend was done with her.  Fucked her a few times and got the clap.


Only 2 other scares. 


One was when I was single for the first time. Raw dogged like 15 chics and decided I needed to go in and get checked. I was convinced Iwould have something. Came back clean.


My last scare was the dreaded phone call.  She called and said shehad clamydia.  Said it wasn't from me, but the dude after me, but I better get checked.  So I went to PP and told them.  There they treat you like you have it, and test you after.  So I got this nasty shot in the ass, some pills.  PP tells you they will call you if the test comes back positive.  I waited..... 10-14 days.


I went home that day though and called 5 bitches to get checked out.  THAT SUCKED!  They all got tested and one by one they got their results back that they were clean.  So I called PP and confirmed since I hadn't heard from them, mine was clean too.