Telles v. Santana vid

Saw this posted on nhbgearforum. That it was pretty good. A lot of people don't like Telles but his game is amazing. He doesn't fight at all to retain his guard when someone is close to passing, he just turtles and no one wants to mess with his turtle guard.

(Is there a reason I can't embed a vid in the first post?)

Some old school instructors hate his game. BJJ is supposed to be a self-defense martial art, and turtling in a fight is one of the worst things you can do.

His game is pretty interesting from a scoring and tactical standpoint, but it likely wouldn't do well in MMA.

Still though, he does have some incredible skills.

He won his last mma fight by headkick ko

Sakuraba used to turtle all the time. Then the new rules came and he got massacred.

that was anti-climatic. i was expecting telles to win. u put up a post about telles, and then show a match where he loses and it doesnt even show any of his famous turtle moves/ sweeps. thats a huge fail

Very cool clip. Crazy how a solid BB does not want to attack a turtle position, but Telles is that good. This clip illustrates alot of what I love about Jiu Jitsu - The flow in the first half of the clip is so fluid, and although I spent the first 8 years of my BJJ 'career' under the traditional Gracie system (Torrance), I realize that BJJ is great because it is artistic and something you can personalize 100%, and that is what Telles has done. I would love to do a private with Telles just to get a glimpse of that other dimension that he creates.