Telles Video Clip One

I am posting 2 clips from the first DVD.

First clip from DVD one.


Second clip from DVD one

DVDs will go on on pre-sale this weekend. I as always, will post many clips from all five DVDs. I want everyone to get a good look. Dont expect to see them shipping for another 3 weeks or so. Look for clips from all five DVDs over the next 3 days. The Octopus DVD clips will be last! I have not come up with the final retail price yet. I am still running some numbers. I will post it tommorow. There will of course be a MMA.TV discount. Once again, I am posting many and very long video clips. Nothing to hide with this baby.


Paul Viele

good stuff Paul


ttt souonds great. Are these Gi, no gi or a mix. Lookls like the latter from the cover.

The first 4 DVDs are on the Turtle Guard. These are all with the Kimono. The 5th DVD is on the Octopus guard. This Telles developed for submission grappling so it is no-gi of course. It is a really cool position.

Thanks for the clip...Looks very interesting



Looking forward it.

Go Paul!

THe translater is good too.

Can we see a clip from the Octopus guard dvd?

On a side note it is nice to see the individual chapters labelled according to subject so its easier to go straight to the part you want to watch instead of guessing which number corresponds to which technique.

Looks awesome!

Sweet Jesus! They are finally here!

ive been copying Telles stuff and experimenting with his sequences for a while now. ITs awesome to know now I might actually be able to understand what the hell he is doing now

The wait is over. Let's get that pre-order rolling!


holy crap.....PRE ORDER
i got so exceited when I saw this.... I'm such a dork

will there be an code for a price break???

Never mind I saw there will be an discount
AWESOME....looks good paul

Looks good so far and this is definitely a position which has not had a lot of focus.

ttt 4 the most boring but clever position! I cant wait to get these