Telltale's "Game of Thrones" discussion (spoilers)

So, I'm about to start Episode 3, and I'm super stoked.  This is some real shit so far.

My choices (and reasons) so far:

1.)  Left Bowen behind:  I'm not getting stabbed!  SHIT IS OBVIOUSLY GOING DOWN, THAT'S WHY I'M WARNING YOU.  Mother fucker....

2.)  Swore loyalty to the king:   Anything to help the family.  Mafioso type shit.

3.)  Took Erik's fingers:  No fucking loyalty in a time of war?  OTHERS ARE STARVING TOO, yet they're strong willed.  Gimme them fingers, thief.

4.)  Royland as Sentinel:  Royland is a fucking boss.  Plus, sending your own flesh and blood to the Wall is COLD HEARTED SHIT.  Hide him in the walls and Anne Franke him!

5.)  Met Ramsay at the Gate:  Surprised more didn't do this.  Fuck Ramsay.

Episode 2:

1.)  Forged Margaery's Letter:  ANYTHING for the family.  I'm trying to make her a fucking BOSS at King's Landing.

2.)  Refused to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring:  Bruce Lee once said, "I fear no man who stands before me."  I will not subjugate myself.  Even though broken and scarred, I will not bend the knee to a Craven lunatic

3.)  Sold out Cotter after stealing Finn's knife:  Fuck both Cotter and Finn.  I stabbed a dude in the neck with a pitchfork.  EAT A DICK.

4.) Didn't kill Mira's attacker:  I don't trust the little dirty kid with all the messages.  Him getting choked out is fine with me.  I tossed the knife too.  NO EVIDENCE i was there.




Let's see what happens in episode 3!

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