Tempe, AZ/SW Trip

I'm going there for a weekend a year from now (April 2018) for work. I'm looking to extend the stay/make it a vacation. Is there cool stuff to do there?  I've only been to Vegas. 

Are there cool cities nearby if I rent a car?  Seems like the SW cities are pretty spaced out/far apart. 

Or should I just fly to Vegas, Austin or Nashville?



Depends on what you like to do.

You will be right in the middle of the greater Phoenix area.

There are a few casinos around if you are into that. Some people like to hang out on Mill Ave. (not me). ASU is here if that means anything to you.

Just google Phoenix and look around I guess.

It not some cultural beacon or anything.
Pretty much a typical big city.

If it was me, I would want to get out of town...

The Grand Caynon is a day trip. Tombstone is here if you like old west stuff. Jerome is a nice drive and a cool place to spend a day or overnight. The drive is more fun if you approach from the west. If you like the water I would suggest Canyon lake over Lake pleasant. Flagstaff has sone touristy stuff to do, but nothing too exciting.

Oh, Sedona is a nice drive and can be a decent day trip. Shit there is over priced IMO, and the local hippies can be a bit snobby. But there are some really nice views, hikes, jeep tours etc.

I personally like Jerome. There are several good places to get a beer and a burger/sandwich. There is a bar there that often has live music (forget the name off the top of my head). And the drive is nice.

The casinos around here have shows all the time. With a year advance notice you should probably be able to find a concert or something you would like.