Temporary Tattoos

Will we ever start seeing fighters in the cage doing the temp tats like goldenpalace.com as often as we see it in boxing?

Ricco Rodriguez in UFC 39. That's the only one that I can think of off the top of my head.

I thought I saw a few KOTC fighters do it too.

Best thread eva.

Gary Hughes

Not really. I was watching some old boxing fight tapes and noticed the tats this afternoon and it just suddenly kicked into my head while reading. Thought I'd throw it out there and see what people thought.

If I were an advertiser, I don't think I would like to too much if there were a grappling aspect involved. Boxing I could understand because there would be a camera on my sponsored fighters back about half the time but in MMA, my fight might be on his back half of the time and half of the stand up time, my name might not be seen. That's probably why you don't see it as much.

Thats why theres hats and t-shirts ect. To wear before and after the fight.

I know UFC said they are a no-no.

I'm not sure but it looks like some of the Shooto fighters have temporary tatoos. But not as tacky as the one ricco had. They are smaller logo tats. If they are temporary.

TKO has alot of fighters do it.

The fighters name's are drawn from a hat. Those who win the chance to have a temp tat get some $$$ for their troubles :)



This is why i went permanent instead of temporary so they can't makeme wash it off

Bang Ludwig did it when he beat Jens Pulver.

Frank Trigg did for one of his WFA fights as well.


iirc I remember a woman doing it in a fight once as well.She had it on her shoulder blades just outside of her sports bra

I remember a while back a boxer got a bad skin reaction to them (basically a chemical burn of some sort) and was permannantly scared with the words. I knew they banned them for a while since then but i didnt know if they were legally back.... i guess they are

...And i think they are stupid and should not be allowed!