Tenacious D

Greatest band in the world or what?

F*ck Her Gently
lyrics by
Tenacious D

This is a song, for the ladies
But fellas, listen closely

You don't always have to f*ck her hard, infact sometimes thats not right to do
Sometimes you gotta make some love, and f*cking give her some smoochies too
Sometimes you gotta squeeze, sometimes you gotta say please
Sometimes you gotta say 'hey'

Am gonna f*ck you..Softly
Am gonna screw you gently
Am gonna hump you..sweetly
Am gonna bawl you Discreetly

And then you say 'hey a bunch of flowers'
And then you say 'wait a minute Sally'
I think I've got something in my teeth
Could you get it out for me?
Thats f*cking teamwork

Whats your favourite posish?
Thats cool with me its not my favourite but I'll do it for you
Whats your you favourite dish?
I'm not gonna cook it but i'll order it from ZANZABAR!

And then I'm gonna love you completely
And then I'll f*cking f*ck you discreetly
And then I'll f*cking bawl you completely
but then.. am gonna f*ck you hard.

With lyrics like that, you have to ask? OF COURSE THEY ARE THE GREATEST!

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about!
So all the ladies in the house say yeah, yeah.
 Come on you motherfuckers, say a prayer, prayer.
When you fight, you gots to fight fair.
You motherfucker, ho, you motherfucker.
You know what time it is.
Tenacious D time, you motherfucker go.
 Fuck yeah.
We ride with kings on mighty steeds,
across the devils plain.
We've walked with Jesus and his cross,
he did not die in vain, no!
Kyle's fingers be silver.
Jack's voice then be gold,
 but lest you think we're vain.
We know it's open mic night and we don't care. Tenacious D, we reign!
We reign, supreme, oh God!
Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme,
 and a nacho supreme.
Supreme, yeah.
 Go now Kyle, go now Kyle. Supreme!

I got the dvd from a buddy of mine, not bad.

Too bad there were only 5 episodes of the Tenacious D show, that is some of the funnist stuff I've ever seen.

Check out kazaa if you want to see some clips, thy're pretty small - only like 5 minutes. I highly recommend 'the search for inspirado'

Cock Push ups!

TD rules. I die every time I watch.

too too much



i use "karate" as my entrance song.

No shit?!?!

That friggin great man!