Tendonitis? (Golfer's Elbow)

Hey, so I have seemingly developed Tendonitis in my right elbow (probably from whacking off to all your moms too much), in a place that’s typically called golfer’s elbow.

It’s either from my job (using a computer and mouse constantly), working on my deck all summer long (using a hammer a SHIT TON) or for some other reason.

My doctor suggested getting one of those bands you put around your forearm to see if that helps.

Anyone else ever had this issue and what were your rehab methods?

Oh, and for your time…



this exercise and time fixed mine …


lots and lots of time

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Did the pain extend from your elbow down the outside of you fore arm?

That’s where mine is at.

yes, on my right arm. left arm was the opposite. i forget which is golfers and which is tennis elbow, but i had one of each. this fixed both.

I’ve also been on a 4-5 day a week weight lifting regiment since Christmas, with some heavy bag boxing work thrown in intermittently.

This elbow thing is pissing me off to no end.

not a quick fix at all as there is no quick fix. it takes months.


Golfers is the outside of the arm, tennis elbow is the inside

ah ok. i always forget. either way, anything you do that irritates it or causes pain - stop doing it. completely.

Only thing that helps is time. When I ramp up my deadlifting I can get it. I have to give it a few weeks to let it cool down. Otherwise it just gets so bad it hurts all day.

Well, since I’m right handed that’s tough.

Pretty much everything i do, including lifting up a coffee mug, makes me feel it to some degree.

It’s been an issue since like early June, but just had it checked out last week during my annual physical.

Just been slogging through shit, particularly lifting. It’s fucking up my grip strength.

yeah not easy but if you dont stop using it, it will get worse.

i didnt have the discipline to stop. the excruciating pain is what eventually convinced me. maybe the same for you

Yeah, probably that will be the case.

Did you try one of those rubber band compression things for your forearm? Are those bullshit?

Theraband Flexbar - After 10 years of what I’d call tennis elbow, 3 months with this thing and I haven’t anymore issues for the past 10 months or so. It was killing me weightlifting all the time. Best $40 I’ve spent on my health.


Think I’ll try one. My doctor suggested one.

My wife keeps trying to put KT Tape on it, she uses it for running.

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When it gets REALLY bad I call it elevendonitis.


I would give you a rim shot but my elbow hurts too much

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Touché, sir. Touché.