Tennesse people - question about asset forfeiture

Just how bad is asset forfeiture for people who LIVE in TN?

Everyone know they pull over shit tons of folks traveling 40 west (other highways too?) and straight up rob them. Is it mostly out of state plates or do they jack everyone they pull over for the slightest infractions?

Laziest drug trafficker ever

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I spend lots of time in TN, and this is actually a valid question. I know they prefer busting weed dealers over meth dealers. Weed dealers are fairly normal and have nice stuff to get. Meth dealers are typically crazy as hell and don’t own shit, so they’re not the preferred target. Meth cookers are especially to be avoided if possible, because those sites are hazardous as hell.

I believe CAF was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional recently

it was excessive fines