Tennis Elbow?

Just lately my right elbow has started to hurt. Asked and showed the tennis trainer at the school where i work and he said its tennis elbow. It bloody kills but i dont know whats caused it as my training hasnt changed much, just muay thai 3 to 4 days a week and no great increase in training or intensity. I know about increasing load gradually as i have run alot in the past and i really can not put it down to that. I dont think its overuse but i still know rest is probably the best answer. I have a manual job and young children so rest is hard to come buy.
Just wondering if anybody has any ideas on easing the pain.

The pain does go away after warming it up but i pay for it twice the next day and i get no understanding at home so no care is coming from there.


Good advice from martinburke! Pretty much spot on. I've treated some cases and recovery can be quick.

If repetitive use is the likely culprit, simple changes like switching what hand you use for your computer mouse, etc. can help. Once massage helps kickstart the healing process, some gentle stretching of the arm muscles can be very helpful. I recommend Active Isolated Stretching, and you can find practitioners via - or just do a Google search for your local area. AIS is good for self-stretching, but it helps to have someone show you how to do it, and which stretches to focus on so you aren't wasting time on those that won't help.

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Jason Erickson

Thanks for the advice fellas i think you are on to something as i haven't increased the load in training lately and i am getting older 42 in fact so what you say makes alot of sense. I have watched what i do carefully with each arm lately and have noticed certain movements that cause pain. As well as that i have always given stretching a wide berth (wasting time)and after years of using machinery of an impact or vibrating nature i guess im reeping what ive sowed. Thanks again for your advice.

If you're looking for a structured, full-body approach to increasing pain-free mobility and improving your recovery, try the Intu-Flow program from RMAX. I've used it for years, and at 37 I'm still seeing steady gains in my training without significant DOMS.

More info here:

Happy training!

Jason Erickson

It's annoying, but I don't think it's anything to worry about in the long run.  If/when mine acts up, I usually just apply some ice and take a couple of ibuprofin.  As was said before though, rest is the best method, and it'll probably subside within a few days.

If it bothers you a lot, either take a day off from Muay Thai, or go and work on your footwork and teep kicks or something.