Tension headaches, Need help


Hello Scott,

Lately, I've been having throbbing tension headaches almost everyday. I've been feeling very stressed for a few months now.

I've been to see the doctor and a specialist about it a while back because I was worried it could be something more serious. The doctor after some tests, reassured me there's nothing serious, and prescribed me some tablets as well as made some suggestions, like cut down on caffeine, exercise more etc. To put my mind at ease, he also sent me to a specialist and he said the same thing.

I've taken his advice, not drinking caffeine , exercising more. While I feel ok during exercise, when I'm not doing anything active, I feel the headches coming back again.

I thought it'll be worth a try to ask you, since I feel really desperate now. Sorry if this is asking too much, but a few concrete suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Some of the effects of this are, loss of concentration/awareness, memory loss, frustration, anxiety, slow reaction time etc.

I was sparring the other day with my little brother and I noticed I was getting hit a lot more than usual because of this.

Thanks and sorry if this not relevant to the Q&A

LOL at Rising Sun for plugging an AD in a serious thread.

Seriously though, I am considering the BeBreathed video. I wonder if there is a discount?

Crow, do you notice if you hold your breath in anticipation of blows, or when you perceive you must exert yourself?

Scott, sorry for the late reply. I only have access to the internet while at university and it's easter holiday back here right now. I just came to the library to return some overdue books.

I've taken a break from any form of sparring for a while because I just end up feeling frustrated and feel like I've reached a plateau.

To be completely honest, I can't really notice if I hold my breath in anticipation of blows since I'm less observant of everything nowadays.

When my holiday finishes, I think I'll take the hatha yoga class at university.



I had suffered from chronic headaches for years that I thought were tension related. A few months ago, I began taking a full spectrum antioxidant, and much to my surprise my headaches vanished. My chiropractor thinks it might have been a tea extract in the antioxidant formula that helped, since it apparently improves the elasticity of blood vessels. Every time I stop taking it, the headaches are back. It might be worth a try.



I noticed you said you were taking an "antioxident" or something that was getting rid of your headaches? I get tension headaches because I sit so much working on the Internet. Also, if I travel in the car for more than 15 minutes, my neck tightens up and I get headaches. These lead to migrains which have put me in the hospital. Let me know what it was that helped you. Thanks! My email is e-cron@ewol.com

I would reccomend seeing a DO, Doctor of Osteopathy, who has years of experience in cranial sacral therapy. Check with your insurance company for a list of Do's in your area.