Anyone else a fan of the sweet agave drink?

Far and away my favorite type of alcohol. It seems that 9 out of 10 people used to drink tequila 'Until one night...' usually ending in an ass kicking from a demonbottle named Jose. Believe it or not it is possible to drink tequila responsibly.

What's your brand OG? Corazon is my go to (tall skinny bottle with a cork).

Nah, I just never really liked the taste. I never had a bad experience with it, though. Phone Post 3.0


Tequila is my go to when doing shots. I'm not into any whiskey or bourbon. Cant stand scotch or cognac.

Enjoy it before it becomes extinct. Phone Post 3.0

Alway loved the taste of Tequila. Don't have a specific brand.. yet. Phone Post 3.0

Don Ramon, Don Julio anejo, and Cazadores are my favorites. All though I do enjoy most, other than Cuervo, and those Tequilas that come in a bottle that's shaped like a gun, oh ya, and 2 fingers. Phone Post 3.0


2 oz. (60ml) White Tequila
3/4 oz. (22ml) Cointreau
1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Agave Nectar
2 oz. (60ml) Lime Juice

Never by sweet and sour mix ever again. Phone Post 3.0

Don Julio 1942 Phone Post 3.0

Picked up a fifth of Familia Camarena reposado for less than $20. Slight burn to remind me what I paid for it but otherwise the taste is up there with much more expensive tequilas. Real sweet, heavy on the vanilla.

I like casadores a lot. Patron is delicious but expensive Phone Post 3.0

Patron. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I get mine from Mexico directly. El Jimador, and El Cabrito are my current favorites. Phone Post 3.0

try Kirklands tequila, my friends that love tequila tell me it's the best value out there.

corallejo, cazadores, herradura, don julio

Just the smell of it will make me feel like puking. Ohhh the good good times I had with tekillya

Patron is the best I can get locally here in the UK not much demand for premium tequilas here so not many available. That said I do love Patron.

bros I did the tequila train in guadalajara

dont remember much except they start serving you as soon as the train boards - anything you want mixed, shots, beers

then you tour the distillery and the drinks keep flowing

then you get a sit down meal with live music - tequila is still flowing!

it was sick.

Also, great to cook with. Add a shot or two & some lime to marinade some tequila lime wings. Throw some lemon pepper & then toss them in the grill for some good eats.

Partida Anejo Phone Post 3.0