Terminate University Housing???


I need the lawyerground's advice. The state is Massachusetts.
My girlfriend has been living in a university dorm since September and wants to End the housing after this semester. (The housing costs are directly charged on the same bill as tuition therefore must be paid in order to get transcript, register, etc.) One of the contributing reasons for finding alternative housing is the very poor condition of a very old dorm building.
Some of these could be considered minimum standards for habitation. 1. heat is way overheated and broken to the point of near hazard 2. rats and cockroaches everywhere 3. water leaking

The problem is that living at the University means that she signed an online agreement (in the form of a checkbox) which stated that she agrees to rent for the whole academic year. Termination is not allowed under this agreement unless she gets married, has medical problems, or withdraws from the university. She does not qualify for any of these stated reasons.

I thought of citing building code violations as a means of leaving, however, it might not be a good idea to fight against the school whose degree you are pursuing since withholding rent is impossible. She just wants to move out as easily and quickly as possible and is willing to sacrifice a month's rent.

Relying on the housing office to find a replacement is a also a very risky venture due to the fact that nothing ever gets done at the college housing offices Most likely, they will ignore the request and force her to pay the rent for all the remaining months.

What do you guys think is the best and easiest way to get the hell out of this dorm?

Thanks a bundle guys!!

I would raise the substandard housing issues, and ask to be let out. My guess is that it will work. Don't go to some low level clerk though, send a letter to the President of the university.

she could always claim Murophobia(fear of rats and mice)as a medical reason to leave housing.