Terminator Gen offends me

What a fucking disgrace to the franchise. Terrible script, pacing, acting and overuse of CGI.

I watched the original (for the first time from start to finish the next night) and was blown away at how great it is.

Is there any hope for the future of this franchise ? Going on a quick google search Gen seems to have done far better at the box office than Salvation so I guess we will get a sequel :-/.

If they are going to make more then I would prefer a complete reboot with Arnie no where near it. Phone Post 3.0

The only way to save this franchise is to give James Cameron a blank check!

salvation was fine. it was a future scenario.

Anyone enjoy this movie? I have yet to watch.


Don't know if I want to



Terminator: Genisys Sequels On Indefinite Hold



This summer ended up being one of the most commercially successful in Hollywood history, thanks to massive hits such as Jurassic World and Inside Out. However, not every studio was so lucky. Paramount suffered a blow in July, when its Terminator: Genisys failed to reinvigorate the classic sci-fi property, earning mostly negative reviews and scoring just $89.7 million at the U.S. box office.

What made it all the more crushing for the studio was that they had hoped to use the franchise reboot as a launching pad for a new trilogy of films; however, Genisys‘ performance and word-of-mouth painted a very cloudy picture for the future. The hope was that the international gross would be able to salvage Genisys, but it appears that it didn’t do quite well enough.


In a report covering Hollywood financers also producing the films they bankroll (as Skydance’s David Ellison did with Genisys), THR briefly addresses the current state of the Terminator franchise. Despite a strong showing overseas – including $112 million in China alone – it is still believed that the film will end up losing money for the studio, and sources say that the series has been put on an indefinite hold.

This news really shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s become apparent that the Terminator brand doesn’t have a strong pull nowadays as it once did. Even with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his iconic role, there wasn’t much interest. It’s true that there are still ways to bring the property back to respectability in a new movie, but the reputation of the brand has been sullied by a string of underwhelming offerings (going back to Terminator: Rise of the Machines) with diminishing box office returns. Making another just wouldn’t be worth the investment at this juncture.

Paramount doesn’t need Terminator be its new cash cow either, as the studio is actively developing a Transformers shared cinematic universe (one composed of both sequels and spinoffs). Say what you will about that series’ quality, it knows how to bring in large crowds; in 2014, Transformers: Age of Extinction grossed over $1 billion worldwide, illustrating that the franchise is largely critic-proof. In addition, Paramount also has Star Trek Beyond planned for a July 2016 release, with stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto under contract for a fourth film in that lucrative series.

If anything is going to spur Paramount to green light another Terminator, it’s that James Cameron will regain the rights to the property in 2019. And with the filmmaker spending the foreseeable future in the world of Avatar‘s Pandora, it seems unlikely he would dedicate the time and resources needed to make a new Terminator. Paramount may decide to keep moving forward in the hopes that the next one will break big, but few would complain if they decided to let it be. The series narrative looks to have run its course, and unless someone can come up with a mindblowing idea that offers a fresh take on the mythos, there may not be that much ground left to cover.

Jack Carter -

Anyone enjoy this movie? I have yet to watch.


Don't know if I want to

No. Nobody enjoyed it. Phone Post 3.0

I can't believe you're just now seeing the original. Better late than never I guess. Please don't tell us you've never seen Conan the barbarian.

emilia clarke also cant act. bad casting as sarah conner.

Such a shame Emilia's breakout opportunity was.... That farce of a 'movie'.

The first 30 minutes were good.

I had low expectations so was not disappointed. Interesting how they took out the T-1000.

I watched a some of it but couldn't help turning it off. At points it wanted to turn into a comedy. That one girls was so horrible. She broke into a British accent during some parts. That was by far the worse piece of shit to come out of the franchise. Phone Post 3.0

No one had much to work with.
Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke were both awful in it but could anyone have made anything of the parts they were given ?

Hollywood budgets and box office takes are all smoke and mirrors though. Neither figures are really based on the reality of the situation.

Public budget numbers are now a marketing tool to show potential ticket buyers how big the scale of a movie is. They often have little to do with what is actually spent....and rebates from countries in return for providing employment/supporting the local industry(s) can dramatically cut actual costs.
So a movie that 'breaks even' actually made a shit ton of money.

There's absolutely no need to watch the movie. All the action clips are on youtube if you search for them.

The T-3000 basically had super-powers. Of course, this was explained with nano-technology, lol.

Honestly, Genesis had more to do with APEX, than it did with anything James Cameron created.

Even the futuristic costume/set designs reminded me of this low-budget 90s sci-fi schlock-fest.


DougWilson - emilia clarke also cant act. bad casting as sarah conner.
Without blonde hair and tits out, she is lacking a bit.

I hate when people leave what sells. Phone Post 3.0

Me and the girlfriend spent a weekend watching the whole franchise from start to finish about a month ago.

I have to say that about 10 mins into it I could just tell how shit it was going to be. By the end I was angry that I had wasted my whole weekend building to it.

I mean - watching all the movies in a weekend is an epic waste of time in and of itself, but it just fucking rubbed it in! Phone Post 3.0

So many whiney ass faggots these days

Cant sit down and enjoy a mind numbing movie without ranting and bitching to anyone that will listen

Decent movie...Arnold was awesome Phone Post 3.0

You saw terminator genisys BEFORE Terminator?

You're opinion is invalid Phone Post 3.0

sublime13 - You saw terminator genisys BEFORE Terminator?

You're opinion is invalid Phone Post 3.0

Give the OP some credit, he knows that the original is far superior. You should watch T2 if you haven't already. It was a cultural juggernaut when it came out in 1991.

I showed some younger friends of mine the original Robocop after they had seen the remake and they all agreed that original was far superior.