Terminator hunting you

You are walking down the street and what looks like a homeless bum asking for change rushes to you and says he is a soldier from the future assigned to protect you from hunter killer robots because you will be the father of the first leader of the human resistance to Skynet.

What do you do?

have a futuristic three way with the dirty hobo solider and the cyborg terminator.


Take him to a liquor store and get him a bottle of anything. That’s the best excuse a homeless guy can use to try to get you to give him money for alcohol.


I always wondered about if the t-800 hadn’t been crushed at the end if it would’ve just been dragging itself after her for ever, just slow and completely avoidable


Shoot myself.

Is he wearing the nike hightops yet?

I’d start looking for a new place to live.
And film his rant with the caption: “thanks newsom”.

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mask up
leave phone where it will get stolen
have a friend drive me to mexico with plenty of cash

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1 oz 12 gauge slug to the cranium.

The dumb part about the movie is a soldier comes back from the future to protect the female and with all his military experience against these robots for a decade or whatever, and his only real advice is to run. Really this soldier from the future that is supposed to protect the female instead only keeps telling her there is no hope. He says crap like these things feel no pain, they feel no remorse, they will not stop, ect, ect. Again they were fighting the robots for years so there is obviously some people that had some strategy on how to attack them but they send the guy that just says run.

Sarah Conner should have been like you all developed time travel and the smartest people decided to send someone that has no idea what to do, no wonder Earth failed.

Also every movie non soldier people kill these terminators but Kyle Reece just goes RUN.

Listen and understand. The terminator is out there. It can’t be reasoned with. It can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it has sex with your butt.


I’d grab some road beers too.

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I would tell him I don’t have any change or cigarettes

Is go with him and later I’d let him fuck me.

I’d tell the homeless fuck to fuck off.
After this I’d go and hang out in a magnet factory


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He said the Terminator could not be stopped with the weapons of that timeline…,