Terrell Kit Cope Joe Riggs next...

Does anyone know when any of these guys are fighting next?

I've heard rumors that Dave Terrell is suppose to be fighting really soon somewhere, if he hasn't yet, but I'm unsure where.

I've heard Joe is suppose to be fighting at WEC near the date of the UFC, is this confirmed? Is the WEC possible to order on PPV?

And lastly, Kit Cope, I know he's also suppose to be fighting sometime soon, not sure if it's WEC or something else, is this on October or November?

If someone could answer these questions I'd appreciate it.




Is Curtis Stout the opponent that's signed to fight Kit?

IMO Kit is the most dangerous striker in the MW Division, he's obviously not going to be recogonized until he hits the bigger shows, a lot of people really aren't aware of what this guy is actually capable of doing.

With a little improvement on his ground skills, he'd be far more of a dangerous man.

Oh, damn, you were getting my hopes up about that fight, lol.

If anyone can tell me when Kit is fighting in October or November, I'd appreciate it though, thanks.

Terrell's next fight is in Pancrase, but I can't remember when.

Joe Riggs is confirmed to be fighting Kengo Ura on Oct 21st in WEC pending injuries to either fighter.

WEC will not be seen on PPV.But they have an exclusive contract with HDNET.Usually shown sometime after the event on HDNET.

Ura is hurt.Riggs isn't fighting.