Terrell vs. Tanner Main Event?

If judged it by all the interest on this forum it seems that Tanner fighting Terrell is getting more attention than Tito vs. Vitor. Is it that Tanner will be fighting to avenge Lindland's loss or people are just more intrigued by this matchup since Vitor is coming off a loss and Tito hasn't been impressive of late? What do you guys think?

Terrell vs Tanner is for the Title and that = TTT

Because this is a new matchup. We have been talking about Tito and Belfort for what seems like forever.

I'm thinking it's because Tito and Vitor both lost to Chuck and Couture so this fight is somewhat irrelevant. No matter who wins we all know they can't beat the champ or maybe even the #1 contender. 205 seems a little locked up, where 185 is where the action is.

he probably makes good top ramen. is that what you mean?

Yeah, you can't judge the entire UFC viewing crowd by the die hards you see on this forum. Most guys here seem to know quite a lot about all the fighters, even the ones who are making their UFC debut. Whenver I talk to guys who don't train but do watch the UFC occasionally, all they do is mention Tito and Shamrock, and they often say "whatever happened to the skinny Gracie guy"

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