Terrell vs Tiger

How exactly did this fight go? All I know about Terrell is the two huge punches from the Pancrase clip and the Lindland fight, and that everyone says he is probably the best American on the ground, period. How did this fight go the distance, apparently with Tiger doing enough to win?

Terrell was probably a blue belt, maybe a purple, back then. With limited striking. That fight was a long time ago.

He's a completely different fighter now. He would probably finish White these days.

it waqs a cold night in 1998.....the middle of nowhere, aka Jackson, CA. ...all guns were down........tiger came out to "wild wild west" by will smith.......

Did anyone see it? Is it available anywhere?

I was there. basically a very slow fight. Terrell came in with wrestling headgear on because he had had damn ear surgery like a day before! david took some serious kicks trying to clinch. he worked a low single while vernon hammerfisted his ear (ouch).

Terrel would probably do better now but the whole first fight was Terrel pulling guard and getting hit fom everywhere

Tiger dominated then and would dominate again. Tiger is America's Most Ducked for a reason.