Terri Runnels and New Jack dating...

Is weird and sort of gross.

I can't imagine Dustin is thrilled about this and having Dakota in the middle of it.

This should end well...


She's aged well for being 44(take the makup off it might be different)

I'd still hit that if it weren't for the fact that all I'd think about is that I'm getting Goldust and New Jacks leftovers.

I'm sure their STD's are compatible.

 she looks the same really.  Would totally hit that!  Likely not too hot without makeup, but she has always been sexy.http://www.perfect-icons.com/stock-icons/small-phone40.gif

NJ is on eretard I wish would die. Total fuck head.

He must be giving that bitch some good drugs lol Phone Post

They are both cool. Good for them.

Classy lady

I remember seeing New Jack giving two ring rats his hotel info after an ECW show. One was a fat pig and the other was a disgusting ginger most guys wouldn't fuck even with 2 paper bags. Good for him on landing someone presentable.

terri has looked like hell for over a decade now.

I'm seeing the wrong nipple in that pic.

geez, his forehead rvials Dusty's

hows the body holdin up?

Gypsy Joe might have something to say about this..... Phone Post