Terrible ref in Grice vs Etim Figh

It was obvious that after the 1st Guillotine that Gracie was unconcious, and the ref didnt stop it. Then, Etim woke Grice back up with punches and choked Grice again until he was unconcious. Total lack of skill/knowledge on the refs part. Grice could have been seriously injured. Who else noticed this?

Agreed - getting choked out twice within 30 seconds in definitely NOT good for you!

If he was totally out, why release the hold? I thought he was pretty close to being out, but I didn't think he totally lost it (I haven't watched the replay yet, so I could be wrong). He looked like he was on the edge, and unable to defend himself, though, and the fight should have been stopped once that was obvious.

He was limp in both chokes, completely out. Not just my opinion, very evident, watch the replay and you will agree. Now, I belive in letting guys have a chance to escape, but that was the first terrible ref of the night. The second was our friend Herb Dean standing up Cro Cop/Gonzago. Gonzaga was hammering cro cop from the guard,and was working. No need to be stood up, but then again Herb stood up Renzo when he was side mounted on Frank Shamrock working methodicly for an arm bar, and let Arlovski hold the fence and punch Pe de Pano. we need some referee 101 classes around the UFC!

vid plz, k thx by

Who was the ref in the Grice/Etim fight? I cant remember. I know Dean was the ref in the other two . It shows that in theose two fights they wanted to give the strikers a chance to punch again. A grapplers whole gameplan is to clinch, takedown and control so the strikers cannot punch or kick them. it would be the same as if every time a striker hit someone they had to back off and give them time to recover. The 2 chokes on Grice not being recognized was awfully amatuer. I know refs have a hard, thankless job, but you have to do better than that.

It was Mazzagatti. He was on the wrong side to see Grice's face. By the time he moved around he was awake again.

Yeah! Me and my buddy both noticed he was out twice. After Etim released the guillitine he fell to the floor. He was roused from his choke induced slumber by the first hammer fist. Watch the replay. Brice=choked the fuck out twice in 30 seconds.

"It was obvious that after the 1st Guillotine that Gracie was unconcious, and the ref didnt stop it."

"Gracie" = Fruedian slip :-)

Can someone point me to this fight?? Where is it? Is there a video up?