Terrible Tattoos

I found this "shop" the other day while browsing around. This is hands down the worst work I have ever seen. This fat f*ck should have his hands chopped off, and should have to pay restitution to the people he butchered.



Good Lord those are shit.

i hate all tattoos


lol @ this piece of crap


WOW THAT is a horrible tattoo artist.

good god, i wouldnt let that dude anywhere near me even if i was gettin paid

HAAAA when i was in HS i took a couple of the jocks from my team to get tatted and one of them got that EXACT green midget drinking beer!

What do you expect from a place call Big Dogz Ink?

BTW, those are horrible.


This one is gonna look great when the guy gets older..

Holy fuck, I have seen some shity tatts, but damn!

How do you fuck up a tattoo of the playboy bunny? Just make a copy and stencil that MFer. Worst tattoo artist on the planet.

Absolutely HORRIBLE.

Heres a real beauty:


Wow, this guy needs his ass kicked. Badly.

i cant even tell what that last pic is?!?!?!?

me neither...