Terrified for my father

His plant is shutting down. He's going to be forced into retirement early. His finances are shit, but he has two pensions, a 401k, and will get social security. I'm more worried about what he will do with his down time. He's worked 80 hours a week for many years because he knew with free time he will drink himself to death. His two hobbies are drinking and gambling. I'm scared he'll be dead in a few years without anything to occupy his time. My mother is doing chemo and radiation everyday right now, but this is scarier. Calm me down OG brethren Phone Post 3.0

Man, that's rough. Do you have time to spend with him doing non drinking/gambling activities? Seems like a form of escape from what your mother is going through. Thoughts and prayers in your direction. Phone Post 3.0

try to engage him in other hobbies like fishinge, golf, or whatever.  People like to gamble only because of the adrenaline rush they get while doing it.  So a hobby that involves competing with others might be a good subsitute.  At least he gets two pensions.  It would be a lot worse if all he had was unemployment and no SS.


Problem with fishing and golf is that they are very conducive to drinking. I don't have a better option, but I think this needs to be mentioned. I definitely agree that finding him a hobby and spending time with him is important.

Skeet shooting,


ham radio
guitar playing
classic car restoration
model building
pipe/cigar smoking connieusier(sp)
adventure racing

Is moving out of the questions?  Is another plant hiring?  He could consult at a company in the industry.

He's 64 so he's not going to look for a new job. Yeah any hobby that involves any patience is out. I bought him a set of clubs for Father's Day a few years back. He's naturally very athletic and killed at the driving range. First time he went out with my brother in law he hit a tee shot pretty damn far, then couldn't find the ball. The bag with clubs went into the lake an that was it. I really trying to think of something he could do that he can't gamble at. The man graduated from the naval academy for Christ sake. He's not stupid, but his vices basically make him a man child Phone Post 3.0

Fantasy sports? I know that sounds kinda stupid but it would give him a gambling fix without outlandish risk. Trust me, I know how powerful that itch is. Phone Post 3.0

My parents are both retired. Both were technologically challenged but once the iPad came into their lives it was slots and puzzle games every night. We had to get an iPad for each of them because they spent so much time on them. Phone Post 3.0

+1 for woodworking. Can't drink too much when working with sharp tools. Phone Post 3.0

actionj83 - Fantasy sports? I know that sounds kinda stupid but it would give him a gambling fix without outlandish risk. Trust me, I know how powerful that itch is. Phone Post 3.0
That doesn't sound bad. Just afraid if he gets good at it he will transition into the pay ones Phone Post 3.0

get him on the grass

Get another job? Phone Post 3.0

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Don't worry. I'm sure the banks have already looted most of his pension and 401k which will force him to keep working. Phone Post 3.0

LogProducer - get him on the grass
I was gonna say that too. Phone Post 3.0

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When what I should have been gonna say.... Phone Post 3.0

billid - Get another job? Phone Post 3.0

Or let the man drink in peace ;) Phone Post 3.0

Maybe he can take care of his sick wife instead of getting drunk and gambling?

Have him sign over all of his money to you and give him an allowance. Phone Post 3.0