Terry Funk in assisted living, has dementia

All them chair shots to the head didn’t help I bet

Sad…… that man has lived a full life.


Just awful

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Huge bummer. One of my personal MT Rushmore guys for sure.

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Sad to hear, a full life indeed. Saw a post from his official instagram (he doesn’t run it), a couple weeks or so old, with a video where Terry asked fans to stop sending stuff to be signed, noting in so many words that he doesn’t really have his bearings about him these days. Unfortunately never saw him wrestle live.

I hate to imagine how many concussions Terry had over the years even if it was his choice and he loved the business.

I hope he’s getting all the care and assistance he needs.

A true great who doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

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Tommy Dreamer on his Instagram basically said the exact opposite of this and that he likes the attention wants to come out of retirement and do an angle about it


Great news, would be a great angle where he suddenly flips the switch on someone, whether he goes off on a heel, or turns heel himself.

He could also do the Festus gimmick.

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Tommy may just be trying to protect his old friend, why would dreamer ruin the whole angle if this is what terry was really doing here

Wish he was at my facility. I’d love to cook for him.

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Even if Terry’s generally doing better than they had been sounding like, coming out of retirement and making it an angle is almost certainly a joke. Terry hasn’t wrestled in roughly three years and his condition has obviously declined in the last year or so. Seems most doubtful he ever wrestles again beyond maybe one little victory lap of a match.

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Didn’t his wife pass recently?

Remember Angry Allan Funk in WCW? When Kwee Wee would just snap and beat someone down?

I think it would be genuinely startling to see his brain scan.
His concussions are bound to number in the multiple double-digits for not only the crazy shit he did, but for as long & as old as he was doing it.

Hes 77 years old. A man of that age losing his grip isnt unusual. Hate to see this.