Tesla driver kills someone trying to get a spot

Instant torque ftw.

Also this:


Let me guess where that is just by the reaction around the incident.



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Don’t want to get sued for helping in China.


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What comes after Ludicrous speed?


I see one Asian who fancies himself as Lone Wolf McQuade…and dear god an Asian behind the wheel of a Model X? They were just asking to die.

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Their people aren’t known for their driving skills

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A funeral


The only people I see driving Teslas are nerdy Asian and Indians (dot). they’re not exactly the type that likes to drive.

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Looked like a model y I thought.

This is one vid where I can safely assume the person died.

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that’s so fast

i kinda want one someday. but i don’t want computers in every part of my life. driving might have to remain a sacred space.

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Or walking in crowds…

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Has the Tesla driver been charged?

This is how they drive in Sydney too, that wasnt an accident at all if a chinese sees an opportunity they race for it forgetting there arent 1.4B people here they are competing with.

Not just car spots but things like seats on the train and forget lining up they are not about that shit. IM talking mainlander freshies not Malaysian chinese or whatever or second gen

Few years ago at a buddies 40th we went go karting, electric indoor. They were fast as fuck. Anyway, we had enough people we had 2 qualifiers and I won the 1st and with the fastest time out of both so I had the pole for the final. Left 1st and 3/4 in a guy passed me on a straight and the guy didn’t know cornerering but whatever. I got him back in a corner and finished first but somehow got 5th overall.

They could control the speed of the cars. You people want someone controlling the vehicle your trying to drive ?

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Ban electric vehicles… nobody needs that extreme of acceleration… our founding fathers couldn’t have predicted how fast they can accelerate in 2022. These are assault vehicles