Tesla is not a real company

Imagine being at the start of this thread, and then you get into your ‘Back to the Future’ car, and go into the future, and you see this image on the Newspaper stands.

(Its real, and was announced today).

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Sorry mark I bought a model y.


Compared to propelling 3,000 lbs down the road at 80 mph… they really dont.

You can keep a Tesla at 73 degrees in camping mode for days. And run your house off of the battery during a blackout.


lol at camping in a tesla

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Jim Cramer knew what he was talking about. Wow.

Did he say something recently you’re referring to?

No, Sharp05 is just a liberal shit bag hating on success, what else is new

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Cramer is a fucking idiot and has cost people tons of money. Whatever he says do, do the opposite. As far as Tesla goes, it will be find. The fundamentals have not changed,. The market sucks, thanks Joe. But Tesla is executing better than ever. For investors and not traders, this is nothing. Been through it many times and Tesla has made me a Teslanaire a couple times over already. Did I say Fuck Cramer yet? Short sellers will end up losing any gains they make during this anyway.

Is Mark1 around?

I figured this is probably the best thread to post this in

Says that salaried employees at Tesla will be getting a 10% pay cut over the next three days

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What are your thoughts on Tesla as a company?

Me ?

He has had great success in changing the industry, as all of the big automakers are making lines of hybrid and electric vehicles now.

Other than that, I don’t have the knowledge to say much


Never stopped you before :slight_smile:

I have a Tesla now. Great car, QC issues are for real though.

Can’t wait for that FSD with cameras only. Anyday now my car will be a robi taxi while I work. Anyday now….