Tesla Stock Hits 8 Month Low!

Youre weirdly high on yourself when you admit youre small money and that you get all your advice from smarter, bigger money.
You’re a parrot cuck


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I will extend this nicety… You are a good natured troll (a troll none the less) and I can appreciate that.

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Says the account created last month



I know you’re a troll, but the fact that people think Tesla is the one to do this is the funny thing.
And ZOMG Tesla is finally going down? Not like it hasn’t been radtacularly over-valued for HOOOOOW fucking long?

Why wouldn’t Tesla be the one to do it?

Wait is wiggy also Mark? J/k

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Seems to match up with the rest of the economy

Facebook stock is up again today!

Listen cuck,No one who does JJ would use it as a handle…Get your blue belt mom living ass off my posts! I would slap the cuckness out of you!

Go back and read the posts…All there cuck if you do not believe it.

Facebook doesn’t make anything tangible. Real producers of products, their stocks down. Apple went down 4 points today alone.

Fake news! Coca Cola stock is up

ended up buy more. i am at 100 shares now. got in majority before the split at 200


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They’re not a car company - they’re a tech company.

Spjackson still hasn’t grasped that you don’t lose until you sell.

It’s ok kid. You will get it one day. Just hope it’s the right day.

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$TSLA goes to $400.00

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