Tesla Stock Hits 8 Month Low!

I have been saying it since over $1,200.00

You keep forgetting to pm me your Venmo so I can send you gas money

Why report this? Bitter assholes is my guess

Ive been here as long if not longer than you LOL!

Of course

Obviously phaggot cuck boy with his phaggot pronouns doesn’t seem to understand the entire tech sector is down. Tesla isn’t the only one.

Don’t worry, no matter how much Tesla goes down, Elon still won’t resort to fucking you. Even if he ends up broke and fucking homeless.

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trump fake news GIF

Being a little cuck as usual. Fake news huh??



Tesla is a car company not a tech company

Of course you have no idea WTF you’re talking about. Maybe worry about your phaggot pronouns.

He/they. No worrying at all!

Screen name bet?

Is it necessary?

No - they aren’t a car company. They’re a tech company that happens to make cars.
Significant difference - and the reason that Teslas often have pretty (very) good tech, but don’t last long, are made of inferior materials, shoddily made, have terrible build quality, and more.

Only if you are suggesting I am not what I say I am.

What other tech do they make besides cars?!

Flamethrowers for starters!!

Tesla is not a real company

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