Test booster supplements that actually work

There's tons of supplements that claim to be able to boost testosterone levels, but do any actually work? And before the typical squat/deadlift/eat meat responses, I already do all that shit.

Do any of them actually have scientific data backing them up? Has the OG used any that worked?

Im not old enough to need to use it but many older guys i know says its not worth it.. Better off going to get TRT if you can. Phone Post

Ive taken isa test gf for 8 weeks. That stuff was decent. I didnt have before and after bloodwork done but it seemed to raise test a little. Ive also taken t bomb 2 and test powder by isp labs. Didnt feel any difference with those. But isa test also has an estrogen blocker though Phone Post

When was consulting with my endo about going on TRT he said the boosters that do work need to be treated as if it was real test and should have a post cycle therapy etc because when they do work it will shut down your test or mess up your
Production and that he has treated dozens of guys who played with that stuff and damaged their ability to produce normal amounts.

I don't know how true that is but he advised me to steer way clear. Phone Post 3.0

Enjoy yo tits.

I've heard d asparic acid and dhea? Or something like that? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah supposedly d asparctic acid and tribulus supposedly work. But i doubt any of those or natural test boosters raise your level more than 40 Phone Post

You're not going to find any definitive answers here or anywhere else on the internet. What you will get is some people saying that BLANK worked and then a large group of people saying that BLANK is a waste of money. What you will never find is a legal supplement that has blood work to back up its claims.

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Yeah supposedly d asparctic acid and tribulus supposedly work. But i doubt any of those or natural test boosters raise your level more than 40 Phone Post

From what I understand this is the case. I've read that no natural booster will raise it more than 30-40 percent, and that to see any anabolic difference it would need to be around a 200% boost. In other words, worthless.


Forgot which it was....either zinc or magnesium supposedly does. Phone Post

HCGenerate does a pretty good job. Will plump up your nuts beyond belief Phone Post 3.0

Have you tried squats and protein? Phone Post 3.0

Nothing. Phone Post 3.0

Couture said he was doing it "naturally", I never heard him explain.

Natural compounds exist that are proven to improve testosterone production, as well as free testosterone % (Tribulus is not one of them).

It also depends on whether or not you are suppressed due to age, previous steroid use, etc.

Providing that info may help suggest certain products.

they will raise your test but none of it will help you as far as physical benefits.maybe better mood and libido. but you won't get stronger,recover faster or gain mass.

Let me add that I don't have low T levels, I'm just curious to see what the effects would be. I'm also concerned about the EDC's everyfuckingwhere and their estrogenic side effects. I guess estrogen blockers or aromatase blockers would be a better solution than just a t-booster.

so couture was lying?

I get way more boners with this at random times, its like being 16 again.