Test CAMO MMA Event?

Looking through the list of upcoming events on the app trying to find the full card for UFC 141.

I came across an upcoming event which said that Brian Stann was fighting Jorge Santiago and that mods Kirik and Chris were fighting each other?

What gives UG app? Surely this shit cant be for real? Phone Post

It's very real.  It's actually a yearly event that's held on the old set of Karate Kid 2.  Instead of a ramp, Kirik and Chris zipline in on a string of lights and select UG'ers in the audience play the ancient drum technique while both of them fight to the death.

Luckily both of them are kind hearted individuals and have chosen to spare each over throughout the years.


Awesome... Phone Post

SUPER FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Incase anyone is wondering this awesome card takes place December 31st 2011.

Particularly looking forward to Brian Stann vs Jorge Santiago rematch. Phone Post