Testa, African headbutting art...

...a.k.a. Reisylong story - i had the magazine in which Ron Bruster wrote an article on Testa for Inside Kung Fu Oct 1982. i misplaced it. saw it on ebay this past weekend and bidded for it. it went past my limit and due to recent expenditures, i gave up. i posted on this forum asking if anyone had it and Guro Steve L. was kind enough to fax me a copy after searching for the mag. i forget to take it home yesterday after he faxed it to me. i was at home looking for a MA related book when i happened upon the issue in question. this morning i scanned the artcle and just finished putting it up to my site.Testa articlebecause my site is tripod, i cannot remote link so it will not show up on this thread.enjoy!

Can't headbutting knock the butter out as well as the buttee?

(the article may speak of this, but I have not had time to read it yet)

Hey Stickgrappler,

Nice topic.........I'm a fan of head butting.

I think John Gilbey in his book "Secret Fighting Arts of the World" spent a chapter on Head Butting called "The Liverpool Nut"........take the book with a grain of salt, but it's still one of my favourites.

I've seen more than my fair share of fights stopped with a "nut" to make me a believer of it.

There was a tournament once.........we wanted to muck around; so one of my students entered the "Kata" section. He goes out to the floor - Bows - does one head butt - Bows - then walks off. Needless to say it wasn't appreciated.........but we were laughing our heads off (excuse the pun).


Guro Floro, er, sorry, Raymond :-)LMAO @ headbutt kata!not sure if you saw this before, if not, here it is:Headbutts or How to be a Nutter by Gerald Moffattan article on headbutts by an Usenet rec.martial-arts member

ttt for headbutts

Even though it was most likely made-up, I loved that nutter story from Gilbey's book!

I had a student who asked if chainsaws were allowed in the weapons division of a tournament once ;)

Oh, and TTT for that article. Very cool...

Just as the shin-kicking contests as mentioned in "The Magnificent Scufflers" were in fact "purring" contests. I now assume that the "exciting head butting contest" also mentioned in the book has it's roots here.


NP. bro, can you email me? when i get home i will be able to reply. i have a q re: michael echanis. not sure if it was you or not.

Never mind the Testa, I want to learn the Deadliest Fighting Style, the Feared and Formidable Black Cobra Art of Chi Tae Ch'uan Gung-Fu as advertised on page 2 of that article.




i remember the JHR/prison article. thank you again. Jason was kind enough to scan it after winning it off of ebay and he sent me scans.

we never spoke about echanis, but i saw your old screenname on a bladeforums thread and thought it may have been you.