Testes, testes, 1 2 3.....

This is only a test.


This should do the trick.

That's fucked up.

I would have nominated Pretjah for MLB mod.

Floppy sucks :(


"That's fucked up."

What's even more fucked up is how sad the Mets must have been to go 7 innings against Odalis Perez's sorry ass and not get anybody on base :)


Probably a decent pickup if they're not going to try and keep Al Leiter. Perez is usually good for around 200 solid innings a year.

Plus, he's Dominican I think :)

I can email Kirik back and tell him I don't want to be a mod if it makes anyone feel better??

Why would they play two road series against the Mets? Non-division teams are always 3/3........Odd.

I was just busting your balls, Floppy :)

no i think floppy ill be a great mod. and delete any posts that cast the Pirates in a bad light!

pirates make the world series...errr playoffs...err have a winning record in 05

"Yup, and the Astros come to Queens twice next year, including Mets home opener."

I'll be damned. According to the schedule on the Astros' website, they certainly do. You know, the second Shea series is June 7-9. My birthday is on the 8th, and I've never been to the Big Apple. Maybe I should plan a birthday vacation, and we can go to the games. You can buy me beer and I can laugh at your Mets getting pummeled, LOL.

At least one of you guys should also be a mod on this forum, since you all have more knowledge about the sport and follow it more passionately than me. Of this sites forums this is one that I don't follow as closely as the others, so one of you MLB freaks should mod here too. heh

I am, but not nearly as good as I could be. Basketball is my crack for these past few years. heh

mmmh intresting and CORRECT analogy of

basketball and crack!

Obviously, I should be the mod of this forum.

yeah you should be

you should also buy a new blue name

I agree on all counts!!